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Did you know that certain ginger beer brands pack around 40g of sugar and 165 calories in a comparable serving size? 🥤 If you're on the hunt for a healthier option, give a try to @lovestrangeloves fantastic low-calorie sodas!⁠
Our shelves are now filled with these #lowcalsodas, featuring enticing flavours like Yuzu, Lemon Squash, Lime and Jalapeño, and Double Ginger Beer. 🍋🍈🌶️ ⁠
Which one tickles your taste buds the most? Let us know!⁠
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It's almost the weekend! ⁠
Time to collect your favourite @lovestrangelove mixes and #tippletoppers from Jack & Co to curate your perfect weekend drink.⁠
What is your favourite drink of choice? 🍸️Leave us a comment below.⁠
Need to stock up? We now stock at all stores Stange Love Dirty tonic, Salty grapefruit, Soda water, Tonic No 8, and Bitter lemon in 4 packs plus 540ml in the above and Coastal tonic (excl bitter lemon in large bottle).⁠
Tipple toppers only available at Northwood and Taree West stores. ⁠
📸 Regram @lovestrangelove⁠
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It's almost the weekend... who's up for a Dirty Olive G&T?⁠
Our friends at @lovestrangelove have curated this recipe and we think it sounds spot on!⁠
🍸️30ml Olive Leaf Gin⁠
🍸️90ml StrangeLove Dirty Tonic Water (Available at Jack & Co- All stores)⁠
🍸️Smoked Pear Tipple Topper Garnish (Available at Jack & Co- Northwood and Taree West)⁠
(1) Salvage the most 'boujee' glass from your local op-shop - to make yourself seem more interesting than you actually are when posting the finished product on Instagram.⁠
(2) Cool down all of your ingredients, the glass, the mixer, the gin, the ice. Yes, especially the ice.⁠
(3) Gently build your ingredients one by one into your glass. It's incredibly important to use a gentle pour with the mixer, carbonation is your friend.⁠
(4) Garnish with a Smoked Pear Tipple Topper Garnish.⁠
(5) Post onto social media, for the dopamine hit of one like and a comment from your mum 'looks delicious sweetheart!'⁠
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First Pymble Scouts raising money with magnificent 🎄 trees! You definitely need one!! 

Come on down to our Pymble store and support them! 

They’ll look 👌 in your living room! Guaranteed to make your Christmas!! 😇

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Fresh Christmas blooms have just arrived at our Taree West store. Great gift if you’re heading to a friends for a pre- Christmas celebration or to brighten up your home. #localstories


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