Our Mission

To bring you the freshest convenience stores in the world.

It’s quite bold, isn’t it? Let us explain …

We got sick and tired of going into convenience stores and getting crap food and even worse service. We wanted fresh food that was quick and easy. You know, like sandwiches made right in front of our eyes. And freshly ground coffee, expertly made by baristas. Proper coffee. Not servo coffee! We wanted a freshly squeezed juice that was actually just that… fresh fruit squeezed into juice. And more than anything, we just wanted a warm, welcoming smile at the same time.

We figured it wasn’t too much to ask, but we just couldn’t find it anywhere. So we did it ourselves. And that is how Jack & Co came to be.

And we’re not resting on our laurels. Every day we strive to be better than yesterday. Our menus are constantly evolving. Our baristas continue to refine their skills for an excellent coffee every time. We’re always looking for great staff with that little ‘something’.

Dig our philosophy? We’ll dig your support!

Got some love letters for us? Send them to Jack. (We accept not-so-love letters too!)

Jack’s Sandwich Emporium

*(We’re rolling these out as we speak. This may not be the exact menu that’s in your store… but it will be soon!)

Too often you hear ‘hand made’ and then you see the inverted commas… meaning someone ‘hand made’ it in a land far far away.

We believe in simple things… like sandwiches should be made fresh every day on site by the people you buy them from. It’s not rocket science, it’s the Jack way.

All of our baguettes are made fresh right throughout the day in store. It starts with baking the fresh baguettes early in the morning (excuse some bleary eyes later in the day) and then hand making them all on site.

We try to buy local and fresh wherever possible and have an extensive range of breakfast and lunch baguettes and wraps, like our new chilli jam beef or fresh ham & beetroot relish!

Ploughman (roast beef) – says you fantasize about being a farmer and getting that sun drenched rugged skin… more likely though you drive a nice car and put air conditioning into your living room last summer… but you know, if anyone asks… you ‘frequently go to the country’

Green Eggs and Ham! – Would you eat them in a car? Yes I can from afar. They don’t drip so you don’t slip. You go to work all nice and clean, thinking ‘oh my gosh, what great cuisine’!

Bacon & Egg roll – says you understand that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and cereal is for the weak. Either that or you normally eat cereal but you had one too many last night and need a bit of a bacon touch up this morning!

Hummus & Vegie Wrap – Means you go about your day on your own terms. You don’t care what anyone thinks and you’ll probably live a lot longer than the rest of us. Toasted? Whatever I don’t care. That’s how I roll… or wrap if you know what I mean.

The Manwich – Real men don’t eat quiche. They eat the Manwich. Flex those muscles, man, you know you’d smash anyone in an arm wrestle. Oh, wait, you’re a woman? After you, m’lady.

Brekky Burrito – olé! You like to spice it up. You’re always on the look out for the next adventure and you’re not afraid to have a bit of fun in the process and yes,  you know it’s a silent “j” in Mojito!

Pulled Pork – you’re right on trend. Hipster was sooo last year. You cross fit and tabata; you snap chat and only print in 3D; you eat fermented salad out of jars and you drink milkshakes stuffed with cronuts … well you would, but you just quit sugar. Pulled pork. Do it.

Sweet Chilli Chicken – This gives you that throwback memory to the Summer when you met ‘the one’ at the camp ground but he never called you back. More sweet than chilli, either way, brrooook broookkk, you were a bit of a chicken!

Chicken Schnitzel – Ahhh the simple things in life…crumbed! A creature of habit with a strong moral compass that points you directly to our famous Schnitty baguette. Don’t pass go. Don’t collect $200.


Wait wait wait! How does a convenience store have a bakery? Well remember our mission ‘the freshest convenience stores in the world’. Good food takes time and good bakers get up early! So excuse the odd grunt from our early morning crew, it’s been an hour since the barista ‘served em up one’.

It takes an hour to bake our fresh pies and rolls which starts from 4-5am in every store and goes throughout the day. Before we go too far with this, just have an Angus Beef Roll and tell em ‘Jack sent you’. You’ll dig it!


Life’s too short to drink bad coffee. Full stop.

Our coffee beans comes from Guatemala, PNG, Nicaragua and Ethiopia. Like our awesome baristas making it… it is medium

bodied and quite sweet… the coffee that is!

It is roasted on Lygon Street, Melbourne, the coffee mecca of Australia.

And our baristas are bloody brilliant …